Learn About Tooth Bonding

smilethumbsupAre there some tiny esthetic imperfections displayed on your smile that cause you embarrassment? Perhaps you’re struggling with a single blemish that – though tiny – is quite the eyesore when you catch a glimpse of your grin in the mirror. Rather than struggling with the little worries, we encourage you to learn more about dental bonding. Fortunately, this cosmetic treatment offers exceptional coverage and a lengthy list of additional benefits that can save the day when the details of your smile are leaving you feeling disappointed.

About Tooth Bonding

Bonding is a cosmetic treatment that you can think of as an “additive” procedure. Unlike contouring, which takes tissue away, tooth bonding allows us to create the illusion of additional tissue. Here’s how it works: We will use a material called composite, which we will match to the color of your tooth or the rest of your smile, depending on your specific needs. We will then place layers of liquid composite over the target site, sculpt it, set it, and polish it. The result? A natural looking, dramatically improved appearance.

Benefits of Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding provides you with the ability to cover up problems or improve areas that have suffered tissue loss or never had enough tissue in the first place. Consider the following benefits of bonding:

  • We can lengthen a “too-short” tooth
  • We can fill spaces between your teeth for a more uniform smile
  • Bonding will cover up problems like tiny stains, discoloration, or cracks
  • Bonding will fix minor chips, so your tooth looks whole again