How Much Do You Know About Dental Crowns?

how much do you know about dental crownsA dental crown can save a tooth that is no longer able to function on its own. Designed to operate in place of the affected tooth, a crown is designed to withstand the impact and pressures from biting and chewing. While dental crowns are far from new to the field of dentistry, advances in technology over time have drastically improved their appearance and function. Dental crowns are commonly used to remedy a tooth after a severe cavity, but you may not realize the full scope of what they can do for your oral health.

True Or False: A Dental Crown Is Only Used To Restore A Tooth After A Cavity

False! While a dental crown can protect a tooth that has lost considerable amounts of its material to tooth decay, it can also protect a tooth that has been physically injured.

True Or False: A Dental Crown Covers Your Entire Tooth To The Gum Line

True! A crown covers all of a tooth above the gum line, to completely guard it from further damage. If you only need a partial restoration, a filling specifically restores areas of a tooth that have been lost.

True Or False: Dental Crowns Are Often Used To Restore A Tooth That Has Received A Root Canal Treatment

True! Root canal treatments clear infections from the pulp of your tooth. This can leave the tooth with too little natural material to be restored by a filling.

True Or False: A Dental Crown Can Imitate The Appearance Of A Natural Tooth

True! Several materials can be used to construct a dental crown. A dental crown made from porcelain can be crafted to have a lifelike appearance that fits neatly with your smile.