How A Root Canal Can Restore An At-Risk Tooth

how a root canal can restore an at-risk toothWhat will it take to treat pain in a tooth that refuses to just go away? You should know that a persistent toothache could indicate endodontic problems, or problems within your tooth. The interior of your tooth contains the tooth’s supportive living tissue. If a problem develops with this material, it should be addressed by your dentist. A root canal treatment can allow your dentist to reach the source of the problem within your tooth, and eliminate the issue. In order to restore your tooth after it has undergone this treatment, a dental crown can be provided.

Frequent Tooth Pain Should Be Taken Seriously

Frequent tooth pain is not something you should ignore. Often, that discomfort indicates that a person is dealing with a cavity that has progressed enough to access their pulp. Letting this problem go untreated could ultimately your tooth so much that it is no longer possible to save it. At that point, your only recourse would be to replace it with a prosthetic, like a dental bridge. An unaddressed cavity can also spread bacteria beyond your tooth, traveling from the root to your jaw.

Want To Avoid Problems That Call For Root Canals? Keep Up With Dental Checkups

If you want to prevent dental troubles, make sure your oral health behaviors are up to par. In addition to brushing and flossing at home – and doing these things effectively – make sure you see your dentist for regular dental checkups. In the course of your appointment, a problem can be spotted and taken care of before it has the chance to leave you suffering from a toothache.