Fighting Plaque Buildup With A Cleaning

richfield cleaningsWhen you have serious buildup accumulating on your smile, this could lead to major problems for your oral health. To keep issues like cavities and gum disease at bay, you need to undergo a routine cleaning every six months. In today’s blog, your Richfield, MN, dentist talks about how we remove buildup and keep smiles healthy!

The Causes of Bacterial Buildup

Over time, the particles of food and drink left on and between our teeth could become food for harmful oral bacteria. As bacteria breakdown these particles, this elevates oral acidity and begins to coat the teeth in a layer of plaque. As plaque worsens with time and hardens into tartar, this could weaken the outer enamel and inflame the gum tissues, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. In addition to consuming sugar-rich foods and drinks, lack of proper daily hygiene to remove these particles could be a factor as well, such as improper brushing and flossing habits. The build is also linked to bad breath and even unsightly teeth stains!

The Cleaning Process

Brushing and flossing help your smile by limiting how much plaque and tartar can accumulate on the surfaces of your teeth, but only a professional cleaning actually removes the buildup. We use an ultrasonic scaler and a manual tool to break up and remove all plaque and tartar. We then thoroughly polish the smile for a brighter appearance and smoother finish. The process only takes a few minutes, and should be done every six months for kids and adults alike.

When Do You Need a Deep Cleaning?

If you have severe buildup and the symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease, such as sore, red gums that bleed frequently and easily, then you may need a deep cleaning. Known as a scaling and root planing, we gain use the ultrasonic scaling device, but this time to remove the buildup from the teeth and the roots. The process is more involved, and could take between one and four visits, depending on the severity of the plaque and tartar present. If you have gum disease, we could follow up with routine cleanings every three to four months to control the disease and prevent the later stages, which are linked to tooth loss. If you have any questions about how to keep your smile whole and healthy, or about avoiding issues like tooth decay, then please contact our team today.

Your Richfield, MN Dentist’s Office Keeps Smiles Healthy

At our Richfield, MN dentist’s office, we’re ready to help you enjoy optimal oral health with routine six month visits. To find out more about how our team keeps your smile strong and healthy, then please call Cedar West Family Dentistry at (612) 861-7188.