5 Benefits Of A Checkup and Cleaning

kellercheckupcleaningWhen was the last time you actually scheduled and went to a dental exam or a cleaning? Due to our hectic schedules, many of us continually put off these preventive visits, assuming brushing and flossing at home is adequate. However, the benefits of a checkup and cleaning include healthier, more attractive teeth and a substantial reduction in the risk of dental disease.

The Benefits of a Checkup and Cleaning

  1. The Dentist can Spot Problems Early: The checkup involves carefully examining the teeth for indicators of developing decay, gingivitis, the potential presence of oral cancer, and other oral health concerns. The doctor will perform a visual check and use digital x-rays for a detailed look at your oral health.
  2. Your Teeth Appear Brighter: A cleaning involves removing the plaque buildup from your teeth, either using manual tools or possible an ultrasonic scaler. Plaque can make teeth more likely to stain, so a cleaning can help you enjoy a brighter smile.
  3. You can Enjoy Fresher Breath: Plaque can also increase the risk of bad breath. Removing it and polishing the teeth can lead to fresher breath, which can help you feel less self conscious in social situations.
  4. You Have a Lower Gum Disease Risk: Plaque can inflame the gums, causing them to pull away from the teeth and form pockets. Once bacteria enter the pockets at the gum line periodontal disease can form. To avoid the uncomfortable symptoms and the risk of adult tooth loss, you need to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year.
  5. Children can Enjoy Reduced Anxiety: When you bring your children to the dentist for regular visits, they quickly become accustomed to the sights and sounds of the office. Children may feel less nervous about seeing the dentist, which helps reduce anxiety as they grow older.