A Dental Filling Can Help You Cope with That Cavity

Cope with Cavity Tooth Colored FillingsOuch. Have you been experiencing pain when you try to bite into your favorite flavor of ice cream? Are mornings spent wincing while you try to sip your extra hot latte? If so, you could be suffering from a cavity. While no one wants to hear that he or she has developed a cavity, there is good news. Modern dentistry makes it possible to cope with a cavity in a way that won’t wreck your smile. In fact, tooth-colored dental fillings provide a way to seamlessly restore a smile affected by a cavity, so you can move past the sensitivity and discomfort, and get back to enjoying a healthy smile and all your favorite things! (more…)

Dazzle This Holiday Season with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Holiday SmileWant to start this festive season with a more beautiful smile? If so, it’s not too late to call your cosmetic dentist. From professional whitening to teeth bonding and contouring, there are a number of fast and affordable ways a cosmetic dentist can help enhance the natural beauty of your smile. By hiding or correcting esthetic imperfections, cosmetic treatment allows you to ring in the holidays with a truly dazzling smile. (more…)

A Picture Perfect Smile Through Restorative Dentistry

Picture Perfect SmileWho doesn’t want to look great in holiday pictures, or any picture for that matter? Life can be even more enjoyable when you feel confident with the smile you have to show off. Unfortunately the opposite is also often true. It can be embarrassing and frustrating trying to jump back into your old life – much less photographs – with a newly incomplete smile. Plus, delaying or skipping prosthetic treatment can cause alignment problems and even jaw pain. So stop hiding out, or hating that reminder of your tooth loss each time you look in the mirror, and call your dentist, instead. A restorative dentist can help provide you with a beautiful prosthetic that will not only improve your smile’s function, it will prepare you for your next closeup. (more…)

Q&A: Protecting Your Smile On Halloween

halloweenpumpkinpearsOne of the most enjoyable times of the year – and most threatening to your smile – is Halloween night. You get to dress up, see friends, watch your children wear adorable costumes, and treat yourself to some very delicious sugary goodies. Unfortunately, as much as that candy makes you smile, it also does bad things to your smile. This can leave some patients feeling quite conflicted and unsure how to proceed. We suggest you consider some helpful questions and answers about preventive care, so you’re a bit more prepared for keeping your smile healthy, while you celebrate.


TMJ Disorder 101

jawpainblueHas a dentist ever asked you if you have problems with your TMJs? Did you freeze, unsure how to answer because you’re not even sure what a TMJ is? If so, we think it is high time you learn all about TMJ disorder. This is something we look for during your dental checkups because the sooner we detect this disorder with your jaw joints, the easier it is to offer quick relief while providing effective prevention against long-term side effects. Allow us to educate you with the essentials, so you can keep your jaw health in excellent condition.


What To Expect During Your Checkup

dentalcheckupmagnifyingChances are quite good that you have received a checkup during the course of your life. However, chances are also quite good that, though you have had your smile examined, you may not know much about what’s going on during the appointment. We prefer for our patients to feel informed about what’s happening during dental checkups. This is in part because knowledge typically helps patients feel confident and relaxed. In addition, because the more you know about preventive care, the easier it is to feel motivated to practice it on a consistent basis, which results in clean, healthy smiles. Learn more, so you know just what to expect.