Quiz: Tailoring Dental Care To Your Child’s Needs

What distinguishes children’s dental care from the regular professional oral care you enjoy? One important service your dentist provides during your child’s visits is to educate them on the value of good oral health. Essentially, because children are still learning the how’s and why’s of oral hygiene, they can be more at risk for problems. Your dentist will spend a routine visit taking care of their teeth, and watching out for problems that demand restorative dental care, but they can also offer guidance on how your child can take better care of their smile. Children also often receive fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which offer an added measure of cavity defense. (more…)

What Is Stress Doing To Your Oral Health?

How are you feeling lately? If you have been putting up with stress, you may have already noticed effects on your body. You might be struggling to sleep, you could be irritable – stress may even impact your physical health. While everyone has moments in their lives that feel stressful, extended periods can cause problems. One particular problem for your oral health is the tendency to clench your jaw. If you develop bruxism, a habit of teeth grinding, you could wind up with jaw problems, or potentially serious dental damages. Let your dentist know if you have recognized any of these symptoms. Without help, teeth grinding can have a serious negative impact. (more…)

Are You Ignoring Symptoms Of An Oral Health Problem?

Have you been shrugging off a persistent toothache? Are you trying to tune out chronic pain in your face or jaw? You may feel that whatever issue you are facing will pass, but you should know that you could be ignoring a potentially serious oral health issue. If your tooth hurts, and there is no apparent cause, you could be dealing with a cavity that has formed, and has started to cause endodontic problems. Facial pain, jaw pain, and even chronic headaches can be a sign of TMJ troubles, and those troubles could be accompanied by a teeth grinding habit you need to address. Your dentist can restore your oral health, and stop these problems before they cause more significant concerns. (more…)

A Better Smile Through Dental Bonding And Contouring

Your dentist wants you to enjoy a healthy smile. Of course, if you are looking for ways to make your smile more attractive, they can help with that, too! Dental bonding and contouring provides a means of addressing a range of different problems with teeth. You can enjoy improvements against discoloration, as well as against dental damage. Even congenital flaws that affect a tooth’s appearance can be addressed, providing a dramatic, though natural-looking, improvement. In many cases, a patient can have their bonding and contouring treatment completed in a single appointment. (more…)

3 Things To Look Forward To From Your Next Dental Visit

Have you already made sure your next routine dental checkup is set and on your calendar? Patients are asked to go in for a regular visit every six months (though in some special cases, your dentist might recommend a different timeline). During each of these meetings with your dentist, they will offer a range of services to provide superior preventive dental care. Without these appointments, you can suffer from problems that go undetected. While your at-home dental care certainly matters, you lose out on vital support when you miss out on dental checkups. (more…)

Quiz: What To Expect From A Dental Filling Placement

If your dentist finds a cavity during your routine dental checkup, they can typically solve the problem by removing it, and restoring your tooth with a dental filling. Fillings are used for smaller cavities – made from composite resin, your filling will look enough like your enamel to blend in with its surroundings. While patients commonly receive this type of restoration, you should know that larger cavities can call for support from a dental crown. By keeping up with dental checkups every six months, you can lower your risk for a cavity that requires a crown. Of course, those regular checkups – and good oral care at home – also bring down your risk of having cavities at all. (more…)

Planning Treatments For Multiple Dental Problems

How much work have you put into keeping your teeth in good condition? If you have been neglectful of at-home care, and forgoing your semiannual dental checkups, you could be dealing with multiple issues. That can mean suffering cavities on multiple teeth, suffering tooth decay and gum disease, or some other combination of issues. Your dentist can plan out a sequence of appointments so that you can have the care you need to fully restore your oral health. They can also provide you with a comprehensive evaluation, and walk you through the care available to you. (more…)